Vikker Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is situated on the hillside of Doba and welcomes its guests by the picturesque view of the Somló castle. The owner, Attila Vikker was born in Pápa and has strong links with Somló thanks to his family. He acquired the cellar in 2000 after having been fascinated by the view from the vineyard estate. Since then, he has gained many personal experiences connecting him closely with the region.

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In 2002, two-thirds of the vineyard estate of 2,000 square metres have been replanted with Juhfark and Gewürztraminer varieties. By prior reservation, this friendly wine cellar provides ideal environment for a group of friends seeking to relax in a good atmosphere. Besides the tasting of varieties like Juhfark, Welschriesling and Gewürztraminer, the cellar offers cold and hot dishes as well upon request.

The cellar sells bottled and bulk wine as well.


Vikker Pince

Winemaker: Vikker Attila

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-30/971-2559


GPS: N 47.158195; E 17.373178;