This interesting scaffold mechanism was made based on the principle of the treadmill, the water could be worked up to the surface from the well beneath by treading in the big wheel, hence its name. Its big treading wheel is still standing in the small wooden house, but the well, now out of use, was unfortunately ruined during World War II, as various objects were thrown into it.

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In old times probably water lifting mechanisms like this were used in all castles standing on the top of hills all around Hungary, but due to their deterioration only this one well was preserved. Not only its big flywheel is made of hardwood, but also all of its teeth, the same type of wheel is also to be found in the well preserved sawmill in the Barony village Bánd, as well as in the cogwheels of the now decayed but still frequently mentioned treadmills. Thus, this and similar mechanisms used to be generally in use in deep castle-wells as well as sawmills and treadmills, but as for today only this unique Treadwell in Somló has preserved their memory after the centuries past.

This special place of interest was restored in 1960 for the thriving tourism in Somló by enthusiast hikers from Ajka and the Tourism Office of Veszprém county.

GPS coordinates

N 47.139754000; E 17.370164000;