The Zichy Residence

The settlement of Nagyszőlős (Somlószőlős) belonged to the domain of Nagyvázsony from the 18th century onwards (in terms of military even earlier), which was property of the Zichy family.

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As a result the church from the Árpád-era was assigned to the catholic church. Renovation works started in 1725 following an order of Zichy János. The village of Nagyszőllős belonged to the Vezsenyi family from the 14th to the end of the 15th century. References from this period suggest that a mansion had stood here in place of the present day residence.

In 1850 a romantic style, single-floor palace with English ditches was built in place of the mansion. This building with a lively mass and an asymmetrical ground-plan is an example of the early, English-style gothic Romanticist architecture in Hungary. The palace park was rebuilt probably also at the end of the 1870ies.

Last owner of the palace was Konrad Watzdorff, born on August 22 1844 in Dresden, buried on May 28 1922 in Somlószőlős, in the Zichy crypt (his wife was Zichy-Ferraris Emília, 1847-1935). The palace and the estate were auctioned due to the debts of the Watzdorff family, and they were assigned to the village. The estate was bought in smaller parts, the building was sold in 1999 after using it for various purposes (soviet, nursery, granary).

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