Szőlőskert Guest House

The owners of the Szőlőskert Guest House and the Nagy Wine Cellar, Rezső Nagy and his wife, Éva Nagy Rezsőné, have been active in wine-making since 1982. Through continuous merging of nearby small properties, today they cultivate vines covering one hectare. The couple living in the village of Somlószőlős spend most of their time on the mountain. Their love for vine and wine permeates the entire cellar and is the key of an unforgettably magical stay in their winery.

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They grow Juhfark, Welschriesling, Müller-Thurgau, Furmint, Hárslevelű and Chardonnay varieties with the utmost care and devotion, in order to make quality wine from the harvested grapes.
They receive visitors for wine-tasting by prior appointment, for up to 40 people.
Accommodation is also available for smaller groups and groups of friends (for up to 8 to 10 guests). Rooms for 2 and 4 people are available.

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Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) are available upon request and by prior appointment. If requested, dishes can also be prepared in traditional cauldron or wood-burning oven.

Sale of wine

Bulk wine: from 500 HUF


Szőlőskert Vendégház

Winemaker: Nagy Rezső és Nagy Rezsőné Éva

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-30/516-5281



GPS: N 47.180960000; E 17.348462000;