Szent Márton Wine Bar

Szent Márton Wine Bar opened in 2000 and welcomes its guests by prior appointment in a warm atmosphere, at the foot of the Somló Hill, next to the village of Doba. The event hall with capacity for 60 people, the bower on the courtyard and the picturesque view of the Somló castle provide ideal environment for parties with family and friends, company events or pensioners’ clubs.

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Besides the tasting of varieties like Welschriesling, Juhfark, Chardonnay and Furmint, the bar offers hot buffet as well upon prior request.

Sale of wine

Bulk wine: own product
Bottled wine: Fazekas winery


Szent Márton Borozó

Contact person: Filáj József

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-20/317-6708

GPS: N 47.154475; E 17.379413;