Szent Márton Chapel

The Szent Márton Chapel stands on the side of the hill looking to Doba village, on a beautiful spot, at 215 metres altitude.

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It is a lonely memento of the once flourishing life in this region. This ancient devotional monument is mentioned in documents from as early as 1309. It was built by nuns from Somlóvásárhely village. Its shape tells us from its very old origin. Originally it was built without a tower, the wooden tower was erected much later. It probably served as the church of the fortress. This is indicated by its proximity to the fortress, and by the fact, that the three years long reign of the Turks was signalled by a half-moon attached to the tower up until recently. The sign was knocked down during renovation works in the 20th century. The water of the spring a few metres away from the Szent Márton Chapel offers relief for all tired and thirsty visitors. The benches next to the spring provide a nice resting place for tourists.

The earlier tract, surely from Romanesque era, has an east-to-west shaft. It consists of a small auditorium and a horseshoe shaped sanctuary. Compared to its outside length of eight metres and width of 5 metres, its walls have a disproportionate thickness of one and a half metres, therefore, the inner diameter of the apsis hardly reaches three metres.

The narrow, one and a half metres wide chancel queries, whether the building has ever served as a parochial church, it is more probable, that it was built as a memorial chapel, a private chapel of the landlord, or as a place of worship, sometime in the 18th century. Another segment was attached to the Northern side of the auditorium much later, this is now, where the congregation gathers. The old auditorium became the sanctuary, the apsis is now the sacristy. The simple baroque part of the building was built at the end of the 18th century, it has a squared stone frame gate and frontispiece. Its simple windows are square, on the Romanesque wall there are two small trumpet-arch windows.

GPS coordinates

N 47.152298000; E 17.378080000;