Szent István lookout turret

The lookout turret built from local basalt tuff was opened on July 12 1931, where 6000 persons attended. (Principal of construction: dr. Schandl Károly MP of Devecser and other local leaders.)
The structure suffered considerable damage during WW2. Restoration was initiated in 1954 by the Tourism Office of Veszprém county, the turret was provided with fixtures, a permanent guard whose responsibility was to look after the tower, the fortress ruins and to maintain tourist’s signs.

A wide panorama opens on the top balcony of the turret. As the turret is standing on top of the island-like hill completely freely, an especially beautiful view opens up from one of the most attractive lookout-points in the country, after a rain or on a clear day in May or June. To the north: the wavy surface of Kisalföld, to the east: Bakony mountain with its peaks Durrogós-tető, Kőris-hegy (709 m), Feketehajag, Kab-hegy etc.

To the south and south-east: a glimpse to the shiny waters of lake Balaton through the hills of Balatonederics and Szigliget, and the basalt peaks of the Balaton Uplands: Agár-tető, Csobánc, Gulács, the badly truncated Haláp, Badacsony, Szent György-hegy, and the castle hill of Szigliget. Right from lake Balaton and the Bóhás hill in Balatonederics, the great mass of the Keszthely mountains can be seen to Csúcsos-hegy near Csabrendek village. This blanks out the view to the fortress hills of Sümeg, Tátika and Rezi.

To the west there is the uneven surface of Kisalföld, the lonely Ság hill, then behind it Kőszeg, the Borostyánkő mountains, to the right the Sopron-Lajta mountains, and sometimes – when the weather is clear and appropriate – even the high peaks of Schneeberg (2075 m) and Raxalpe (2009 m) can be seen as well.
You can have a good view to the fortress ruins on the protruding rocks on the northern side of Somló. The high and strange, polygon tower catches the eye at first.

The basalt memorial column was erected for the 50 year jubilee of the building of the lookout turret.

GPS coordinates

N 47.146530000; E 17.372223000;