Szabó Winery

Built in the mid- or late 1500s, the winery has been owned by the Szabó family since 1964. The winery deals with vine growing and wine producing on a land of 1.5 hectares lying on the south-west slope of the Somló Hill, 200 metres from the Séd spring, under technical supervision of Gyula Szabó, agricultural engineer, and his son, Gyula Szabó Jr., oenologist.

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The winery’s main variety is the Juhfark, but they grow Welschriesling as well.

Most of the wines are produced by traditional fermentation in oak barrels, maintaining the products’ traditional character. The average temperature in the cellar is quite low and does not rise above 12 °C during summertime.
In 2011, two wine products reached their full maturity and were therefore bottled. As a result, besides previous vintage years (2001, 2004 and 2005), wines of the vintages of 2008, 2009 and 2011 have also become available for sale to the public. The new bottles proudly wear the recently designed labels.

The winery’s wines have been successful in several wine competitions. In 2005, the winery has been selected by a Hungarian magazine called “Wine and Market” as producer of the best Juhfark variety.

Wine tasting is available by prior appointment for up to 20 people, with optional cold dishes.

Sale of wine

Bulk wine: from 600 HUF
Bottled wine: from 2000 HUF


Szabó Pincészet

Winemaker: Szabó Gyula és ifj. Szabó Gyula

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-20/595-7370 (Szabó Gyula), +36-20/587-8661 (ifj. Szabó Gyula)




GPS: N 47.146895000; E 17.361568000;