Somogyi Winery

The property with a vineyard of 5 hectares has been owned by the family since 1987. They mainly grow wine-grape, but are also engaged in cultivation of propagating material. They make late harvested wines with high sugar and alcohol level. Wines are made using fermentation in oak and pore-free barrels. Storing method is chosen according to the wine’s maturity level.

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Their wines are filled into plastic or acid-resistant steel containers after fermentation in oak barrels for half to one year. Grapes are picked by hand, then pressed at low pressure using pneumatic press machine in order to preserve natural aromas of grapes. Fermentation is carried out spontaneously, by yeasts that can be found in the cellar.

Their grape varieties available for tasting are Juhfark, Furmint, Kövérszőlő, Cuvée and Borgazmus© (“winegasm”, which is a late harvested sweet dessert wine).

Aranytűz (“gold fire”, which is a natural wine) and Borgazmus© are their two registered trademarks. They started to make Tokaji wine in 1988. The volume they make depends on the vintage. They have planted grape varieties affected by noble rot.

Cold or hot dishes are available by prior appointment. Wine tasting is available for 5 to 40 people who can also buy bulk or bottled wines of the winery.
The winery has a restaurant as well, where their wines are marketed.

Not only are they engaged in vine-growing and wine-making, but they also consider it important to pass on knowledge accumulated over the years, by participating in technical training in secondary and higher education.


Somogyi Pincészet

Winemaker: Somogyi Szilárd

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-30/502-2318