Roman Catholic Church, Somlószőlős

The Roman Catholic Church stands on top of the prominent hill in the south-eastern end of the village. The gate of the church found in 1965 – with an Agnus Dei relief – and the Romanesque style windows of the southern front are proof that the church was built in the 13th century. The church was enlarged and completed with a polygonal sanctuary towards the east in the 14th century, its pointed fornication has survived up until now.

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In spite of its baroque style rebuilding in the 18th century and romantic style rebuilding in 1877, the church has preserved its medieval (Árpád era) character. During its exploration medieval fresco details and wooden engravings were found. Its southern frontispiece shows that the western section of the building is a Romanic style church remnant, there are four narrow arch shaped window slots. This church with Árpád-era features was used after the reformation from 1530 to 1724 by the Lutheran church. (Inhabitants of the village were all Lutherans of Hungarian origin at this time.)

The catholic clergy house was reorganised in 1724, and the ancient church was taken back from the Lutherans.
Later it was modified again in the 19th century. The owners in this period were members of the Ferraris branch of the Zichy family from Oroszvár (now Slovakia). The work was carried out during the time of the count Zichy Lajos in 1877, following the testamentary agreement of count Zichy F. Emánuel. The owner of the village, the Zichy family built their own crypt to the southern side of the church. Above the entrance the cast iron Order of St. John coat of arms of the family can be seen.

GPS coordinates

N 47.170088000; E 17.362566000;