Nahalkó Wine Cellar and Guest House

This is a family business producing exclusive wine specialities. They have land for small scale manual cultivation in two important and traditional wine regions of Hungary – in Villány and in Nagy-Somló. The grandparents’ love of the vineyards, working with vine and wine-making were vital experiences in their childhood.

Keeping and caring for traditions, creating something unique and sticking firmly to the highest quality are key elements in every stage of their activities. Wines born from the care of the Nahalkó family always carry the experience of several generations of winemakers, the care of traditional manual cultivation and harvest, and the practically art of fermentation to produce this special world of taste and colour. The final character of their wines is shaped by carefully selecting the right time of traditional manual picking, stemming, and removal of injured grapes, as well as through traditional fermentation in oak barrels for nearly a year so that the exact right time can be picked to bottle the wine which carries special unique features, satisfying all the demands of their most exclusive customers.

Multiple drawing and tasting guarantee that the wine is bottled in the most perfect moment. The bottled wine is kept in the cellar until it is sold. The wines are put into special shaped, translucent and temperature preserving bottles which are given super high quality, treated cork stoppers. The unique labelling and the capsule form provide a special and exclusive appearance.

The wine cellar offers wine tasting (Furmint and Welschriesling of Somló, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cuvée of Villány) for guests by prior appointment (for up to 30 people), including optional cold or hot dishes. Furthermore, the building’s event room, which is equipped with a projector, makes it suitable for hosting smaller weddings and friends, family or corporate events.

The guest house was completely renovated in 2014 according to the needs of the modern world while also preserving traditions. The two rooms, fitted will all modern conveniences, with an equipped kitchen and a dining room, are available for up to 8 guests.

“We aim to reach those interested in rural and wine tourism. Our target groups include, on one hand, families with children, as well as younger and older couples, who prefer high quality accommodation, are wine enthusiasts and show interest in leisure activities offered by the region (hiking, castle tour, cycling, forest excursion).
On the other hand, we also aim to reach workplace communities and groups of friends who are interested in participating in team building activities involving wine tasting and thus bringing back the atmosphere of the traditional wine-producing region. In the third place, we organize visits to the wine museum and “do-it-yourself” programs for pre-school and primary-school children, which offer them an insight into the craft of wine-making (harvest, traditional wine bottling using unique labels). Fourth, the Hungarian and Jewish communities who visit the region for the kosher wine-making.”


Nahalkó Pince és Vendégház

Contact person: Nahalkó-Kurdi Mónika

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Address: H-8482 Doba, Árpád u. 6.

Phone: +36-30/650-3576



GPS: N 47.166005000; E 17.381233000;