Kőkonyha (Stone Kitchen)

Somló, the 435 m high, enchanting monadnock offers tourists numerous hidden natural wonders. One of these is the nearby so called Kőkonyha (Stone Kitchen), covering a natural grass plot area situated on top of the southern slope of Somló, surrounded by basalt palisade. The area, open towards the sky and named after its shape, is accessible through a narrow opening. The smoke of fire lit here exited through the basalt palaside funnel.

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The several million years old basalt palisades are natural formations of the once hot, then cooled and petrified volcanic lava. The word “KŐ” (Stone) is frequently used in Hungarian geographical naming convention (e.g.: Kőkút, Kőkoporsó, Kőfarka, Kőhalom, Kőhíd), but Kőkonyha as the name of a vineyard is without example in Hungary.

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The dominant rock of this winegrowing region is basalt, which is key to the unique features of the wines. The main soil types are the following: loam with basalt debris, basalt slope debris and tufa detritus, brown forest soil mixed with stone and basalt detritus. The mineral characteristics ruling the odour and taste of Somló wines stems from the soil. The surroundings of the excessively steep southern slope of Kőkonyha include vineyards in the highest altitude on this hill. Also microclimatic features are here the best, which is reflected in the quality of the grapes and wines, as well as in their prices.

GPS coordinates

N 47.142207000; E 17.372032000;