Juhfark Wine Bar

The Papp family has a long tradition of wine-making in the Somló region. The Szent István lookout tower on the top had been operated by them over a long period.

Zoltán Papp, who is currently the head of the family winery, has been active in vine-growing and wine-making since early childhood. He cultivates vines on their vineyards of a total of 8.5 hectares on the Doba side of the mountain along with his wife and son. The property has several wine cellars open for visitors under cellar tours guided by the winemaker, seasoned with his personal stories.

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Wine-tasting is available by prior appointment, including Juhfark, Furmint, Cuvée, Rosé and Red cuvée varieties as well as late harvested wines, with optional meal under “village guest catering”.

“Own wine, own tavern”, says their marketing philosophy reviving an ancient wisdom. 80 percent of their bulk wine is sold in their pubs. The remaining 20 percent is bottled and sold for restaurants and institutions in the Somló area. Each year, they produce around 8000 bottles of wine, of which 5000 bottles of Juhfark, 1000 bottles of Welschriesling, 1000 bottles of Furmint, 500 bottles of Red cuvée, and 500 bottles of Rosé.

Juhfark Guest House is operated by the family and is available for up to five people. It is an ideal accommodation for smaller events with family or friends.


Juhfark Borozó

Winemaker: Papp Zoltán

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Address: 8482 Doba, Kossuth u. 41.

Phone: +36-30/856-1377

E-mail: pappbor@invitel.hu


GPS: N 47.162171; E 17.376675;