Ilona Chapel

The Ilona (or Holy Cross) Chapel with its slender tower stands on a small hill at 230 metres altitude on the Somlójenő side of the hill.

A document dated from as early as 1399 already mentions a temple named after the Holy Cross. This temple was probably built by Paulite monks at the same place the present day chapel is standing. There’s is no information as to how long this temple served God’s glory, and when it collapsed. Most probably this temple was also destroyed during the Turkish wars, similarly to the Margit Chapel.

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The flock had kept the memory of this temple for centuries, until they decided to rebuild it in 1853. They collected must at vine-harvest year after year, sold it, put out the sum at interest, then bought the property and paid labourers from it. Accessories of the chapel were donated by the flock.

GPS coordinates

N 47.141094000; E 17.362877000;