“Húdejó” Wine Cellars

The family has lived in the village of Somlószőlős since 1795.
“According to the evangelical register for civil status, this is the year when our great-grandfather was born. We have no information about our earlier ancestors.”

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The wine cellar of Béla Balogh has been owned by the family since the 1920s.
In recent years, they bought another two cellars in the vicinity, and family traditions are passed along by Zsuzsa Balogh.

Their credo is that blended cuvée wines are tastier and allow for a greater diversity compared to vintage wines, thus the importance of traditions is only one of the reasons for carrying out blending. Blending of fully fermented, brilliant vintage wines of Somló is a multi-day event of wine-tasting and eating that takes place in the cellar with the help of the family’s friends. It was on one these occasions that a taster cried out: “wow, that’s good!” (“húdejó!”) They decided to keep this as a brand name and make delicious blended wines on the Somló Hill passing along traditions and using all their knowledge. Their artisan wines are not filtered, fermentation is carried out according to traditions, and they are managed with care and using modern methods.

Visitors are welcomed by prior appointment for up to 8 people for tasting of Cuvée, Riesling, Juhfark and Furmint varieties, including Hungarian lard bread and scone if requested.

The winery organizes “Sunset blind tastings” on a regular basis. The program includes one-man comedy shows, singing in a good atmosphere and street parade with live music at the region’s small wine cellars.

Sale of wine

Bulk wine: from 600 HUF/litre


Húdejó kis pincék

Winemaker: Zsoldos László

Contact person: Balogh Zsuzsa

Opening hours: by prior appointment

Phone: +36-20/578-7313 (Balogh Zsuzsa), +36-20/970/0889 (Zsoldos László)

E-mail: hudejosomloi@gmail.com


GPS: N 47.153960000; E 17.359916000;